Serious allegations against Ghislaine Maxwell


Newly released court documents raise serious allegations against Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-partner. It’s about supposed sex with minors. The documents also appear to contradict earlier statements by the defendants.

New York (AP) – In the scandal surrounding sex-offending Jeffrey Epstein, a suspected victim has made serious allegations against his ex-partner Ghislaine Maxwell.

The documents, which are available to the German Press Agency, come from a civil suit brought by Virginia Giuffre (formerly Roberts) against Maxwell in 2015. In it, Giuffre accuses Maxwell of having had sex with underage women. When asked “Who was Ghislaine Maxwell having sex with around you?” she replied: “Many girls were involved”. But she doesn’t know their names.

In addition, Giuffre – at the time of the crime before the turn of the millennium – also accuses Maxwell of filing for having made her docile for the abuse of Epstein and his friends.

«She is the one who has abused me regularly. She recruited me, told me what to do, trained myself to be a sex slave, physically abused me, mentally abused me, ”says Giuffre. Maxwell, who is charged in the United States, denies the allegations. Giuffre had already made many allegations from the civil suit, which has now been settled, in advance, for example in TV interviews.

58-year-old Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire in early July. She is charged with six charges, including seducing minors to engage in illegal sex and perjury. The charges, which relate to the years 1994 to 1997, are each subject to a maximum sentence of five to ten years in prison. However, Maxwell contested an aid in court in mid-July and pleaded “not guilty”.

The hundreds of pages of the documents released on Friday night were released by a New York judge against resistance from Maxwell’s defense lawyers. According to media reports, they also contain e-mails between Epstein and Maxwell from 2015 – this contradicts the statement by Maxwell’s lawyers in court that the two should not have been in contact at the time. Some parts of the court documents are blackened. The documents could be supplemented by statements from Maxwell, against the publication of which their defense lawyers had objected.

The relevant previously convicted American businessman Epstein is said to have abused dozens of minors and forced them into prostitution. In 2008, he escaped federal proceedings on this matter by entering into an agreement with the prosecutor. At that time, Epstein pleaded guilty and received a mild prison sentence. He was charged again in New York in 2019 and committed suicide in a prison cell shortly thereafter.

Maxwell comes from Great Britain and is the ninth child of media tsar Robert Maxwell and French-born Holocaust researcher Elisabeth Meynard. British Prince Andrew, who has known Maxwell and Epstein for years, is also believed to be involved in the case. Giuffre said that when she was 17 she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew three times in 2001 and 2002. The 60-year-old denies the allegations.

The case about Epstein and Maxwell is also so explosive because the two were well wired in American high society. Epstein at times also had a close relationship with former President Bill Clinton and incumbent Donald Trump. He was seen with celebrities at parties over and over again.


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