soon more flexible leave for parents of sick or disabled children


It should soon be easier for civil servants (permanent and contractual) to benefit from leave to take care of their sick or disabled child. A draft decree, which Capital was able to consult and to which the Common Council of the Civil Service gave a favorable opinion on July 23, provides for facilitating access to parental presence leave in the three sides of the civil service. As a reminder, civil servants (as well as private sector employees) with a dependent child under the age of 20 and suffering from an illness, a handicap or the victim of a serious accident, can take advantage of attendance leave. parental. This allows them to interrupt their activity to take care of their child, whose state of health requires care and the sustained presence of a parent.

The maximum duration of this leave is set at 310 working days, to be taken within three years. Currently, depending on his needs, a civil servant can take his days off consecutively or not. The draft decree provides for making the taking of this leave even more flexible, by creating the possibility of taking it in the form of part-time “the duration of which is 50%, 60%, 70”% or 80% of the weekly duty time that full-time agents performing the same functions must perform ”, specifies the text. It should be noted that under the social security financing bill for 2020, this possibility has also been provided for employees in the private sector.

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Moreover, as is already the case in the private sector, the draft decree provides for adding a new situation of reopening the right to leave at the end of the maximum period of three years. Currently, a civil servant can benefit from a new leave only in the event of a new pathology affecting the child, or in the event of relapse or recurrence of the pathology

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