Space, Crew Dragon ditched: splashdown after 45 years


The Space X Crew Dragon, with two American astronauts on board, is landed in the Gulf of Mexico. NASA has announced it.

The spacecraft touched the waters of the Gulf of Mexico at perfect scheduled time, after returning to the atmosphere and opening its parachute, without encountering any problems. Pilot Doug Hurley said on the radio “It is an honor and a privilege“, before the signal became disturbed, and then stopped.

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It was the first ditching of a US spacecraft since 1975, on the occasion of the Apollo-Soyuz mission. Robert Behnken and Doug Hurley have spent 19 hours returning to Earth since Space X – a program created by Elon Musk – broke away from the International Space Station. They had left on May 30 aboard the first launch of a commercial vehicle to orbit. The mission, called Demo-2, was also the first astronaut launch from American soil after 9 years.

Donald Trump he greeted on Twitter the return of Crew Dragon, the SpaceX capsule with two American astronauts on board, returning from the international space station. “It’s the first complete ditching in 45 years! Great to see two NASA astronauts return to Earth after two months of a mission that has been very successful. Thank you all,” writes the American president.

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