Spacing obligation on trains, Lombardy and Liguria are not there


In relation to the order signed yesterday by the President of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, and in force today, which provides, among other things, the possibility of returning to occupy all seats on public transport without therefore respecting interpersonal distancing , “In light of the new ordinance issued today by the Minister of Health, Lombardy Region, pending a specific and timely assessment of the contents of the provisions of the new ministerial provision and with a view to a fruitful comparison to be launched very quickly with the government and the Conference of the Regions, confirms its ordinance “. The Lombardy Region makes it known in a note.

“The decisions made yesterday by the Region – continues Pirellone – as well as being in line with the results of the health data relating to Lombardy in the last few weeks, point to an alignment with what has already been in place for some time, with regard to local public transport, from regions bordering on Lombardy. All this also with a view to giving those who manage local public transport the opportunity to plan and ‘experiment’ with new actions in view of the resumption of school activities in September “.

Liguria also confirms its ordinance. “In relation to the new ordinance issued by the Ministry of Health on the rules of transport, we reiterate that in Liguria the provisions contained in the regional ordinance signed and issued yesterday will remain in force and which allows a greater number of passengers on all means, without prejudice to the use of masks and other prudent elements. We are also amazed by this government measure, issued in the middle of a summer weekend, when many people have already left and will have to go home. ” This was stated by the president of the Liguria region, Giovanni Toti, on his Facebook page.

“All this – he continues – only increases the confusion, especially in Liguria where trains and public transport in general are indispensable since for two months now the government has decided, without any explanation, to nail the highways with a wicked plan of construction sites that is bringing our mobility to its knees. Again in Rome they have not consulted anyone. To the Regions, which have jurisdiction over local transport, not even a notice “. “From highway construction sites to the changing of the rules on trains, the method seems the same and is unacceptable. The comparison between institutions is sanctioned by the Constitution and is the basis of our democracy”, he concludes.

Zampa: “Regions respect the ordinance, I hope interlocution” The ordinance of the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza which obliges High Speed ​​trains to maintain social distancing does not extend its effects to the order of the Lombardy Region which canceled the distancing for seats in local public transport. This is explained by the Undersecretary for Health, Sandra Zampa interviewed by Radio Popolare. “According to the latest decree with which we return the possibility of making different decisions to the regions, the order of the Lombardy Region” relating to regional means of transport “should be contested” said Zampa again as reported in a note the same Popular Radio. “The regions are invited to respect the ordinance” of Minister Speranza, Zampa points out “but if they decide to do otherwise they can do it”.

Zampa explains that a different procedure is therefore needed: “The Lombardy ordinance must be contested, challenged, it is a long procedure but apart from that maybe Boccia will decide, he will hear the President of the Region”. Zampa concluded: “I hope there are interlocutions and they are positive, probably it was a misunderstanding, I would invite everyone to consult the Technical Scientific Committee”.


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