spending for Italians fell by 1.4 billion in 2019


Rome, August 1. (askanews) – The end-of-season sales start all over Italy today. Compared to last year, consumers will spend 1.4 billion euros less. Each family, in fact, will allocate 135 euros for purchases on sale. Confcommercio underlines this.

For Renato Borghi, president of FederationModaItalia-Confcommercio “the sales, despite the arid weather and confidence, always start with a smile because they offer emotions and satisfactions for those who are looking for a bargain”.

“Given the forced closure for almost three months and the slow recovery in consumption – added Borghi – the proximity stores will offer a wide range of seasonal products, many services, full security and many smiles to satisfy customers during a period of certainly not easy. So many opportunities for Italians who will go on vacation or stay at home, but also a little liquidity for the shops, despite the awareness that they are only on the market when there is marginality “.


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