Suspect caught after attempted arson


Excitement at Düsseldorf Central Station: A man apparently wants to set fire to the building on Friday morning, a witness steps in. Operation has stopped for almost two hours.

Düsseldorf (dpa) – After an attempted arson in Düsseldorf’s main train station and the building being blocked for hours, the police caught a suspect.

The 54-year-old German was arrested near his home address in Düsseldorf on Friday afternoon. “There have been no indications of a politically or religiously motivated act,” the police said. Because of the incident, the main train station was closed for almost two hours in the morning. Hundreds of people had to wait in front of the building, about 30 trains could not stop.

According to police, witnesses had seen a man break a window at the train station and distribute liquid in a fashion store just before 7 a.m. on Friday morning. Then he wanted to throw a burning piece of paper into it and left. A witness was able to extinguish the flames. At first there was no trace of the perpetrator. The police came across the suspect during her investigation. “There was a video of the fact,” said a spokeswoman. The 54-year-old was arrested without resistance. He was interrogated in the afternoon. An admission to a psychiatric clinic will be examined, it said. The motive was initially unclear.


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