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Rome, August 1. (askanews) – We are at the final stages of a game that represents a model for revitalizing the whole country. In a few days the new Genoa Bridge will be inaugurated, baptized with the name San Giorgio, patron and symbol of the city. On August 3, in the presence of the highest national authorities, a work will be formally delivered which was carried out through an exceptional coordination work between 330 companies which, in times never obtained for similar works in Italy, contributed to heal the deep wound inflicted on Liguria and the whole country since the collapse of two years ago.

An anticipation of the expressions of gratitude for having achieved this result took place in recent days with a concert dedicated to the victims of the collapse and to all the workers who have worked unceasingly in these two years, even during the difficult period of the lockdown due to Covid-19.

The new bridge is a concentrate of technology, the “Renzo Piano Building Workshop” architectural project was implemented by the Italian Institute of Technology with cutting-edge applications for this type of infrastructure. Along the way, photovoltaic modules designed, produced and supplied by the STG Group were installed, in glass-glass with connection hide serigraphy which hides the connections between cells and strings in metallic gray color and which incorporates the color of the bridge making contrast with the cells polycrystalline mottled silver color. A Robot Wash is able to clean glass surfaces from debris and dust.

Massimo Spada, President of the STG Group, was present at the inaugural concert and commented: “An emotion to see an Italian work of such a high level, architectural and technological. We are really proud and proud to have contributed with our products to the realization of this important infrastructure that will remain in history as an example of the resourcefulness and capacity of our Italian companies with a work carried out in full coordination that has involved thousands of specialized workers. We have produced and supplied the latest generation of glass-glass photovoltaic modules where each individual glass contains 35 cells for an estimated power of 135Wp, and is made with two layers of 5mm thick tempered glass while the encapsulant used is SentryGlas (SG) which gives the module greater rigidity. Photovoltaic glasses contribute to the power supply of bridge service systems such as sensors, lighting and robotics Ament to all workers who have worked unceasingly for the conclusion of the bridge is a thought to all the victims of the collapse that will remain in our hearts. This is the demonstration of the Italy that produces and innovates, the Italy we like! “


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