Telephone, work, energy … These daily scams tracked down and punished


In its 2019 activity report, the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) exposes domain by domain, based on its surveys, the top scams you may come across. Objective: better inform the consumer and ensure healthy competition between artisans, traders and businesses. Construction or renovation of housing, sector ofassurance, gas and electricity markets… Here is an overview of the scams detected.

Construction of your home

Be careful if you want to build your house: among the anomalies noted by the investigators of the DGCCRF in the 138 companies in question (out of 235 inspected), the most serious are the lack of guarantee of delivery before the opening of the site (19 warnings and 16 criminal reports were drafted accordingly), the failure to conclude a single-family house construction contract (7 warnings and 5 injunctions) and the presence of unfair terms.

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