That is why Hrubesch is a direct hit for HSV


The fans of Hamburger SV have had to wait for this message for many years. After this Sport1 Already on Thursday had reported on discussions with club legend Horst Hrubesch, the official confirmation followed just one day later: Hrubesch is returning to HSV.

The 69-year-old takes on the role of director of junior staff and is to take care of talent development for the red trousers in the future. “In the discussions, I got the impression that HSV has now chosen the right path. Football is not about talking smart, it’s about hard work, hard work, patience and conviction. This is the only way to get ahead” Hrubesch quoted on the club’s homepage.

Hrubesch exemplifies diligence, patience, conviction

For HSV, this personnel decision is a direct hit for several reasons. Hardly anyone else has shown the values ​​of diligence, patience and conviction better than the former striker in his career. Both as a player and later as a coach, Hrubesch made a name for himself throughout Europe with discipline and strength of character.

His former club and new employer lack everything: After two missed ascents in a row, HSV is on the way to a pale and gray second division average without a profile or idea for the future. Hrubesch combines enough charisma and above all credibility to become the face and figurehead of a new path.

Hrubesch: “HSV needs a philosophy”

This will inevitably change the statics on the management level at HSV. Despite his official title as a young director, Hrubesch’s role goes far beyond talent promotion.

“Hamburger SV needs a philosophy that is lived without ifs and buts. A uniform sporting orientation of all teams, defined parameters in the orientation and procedure of the team composition,” said the European and Vice World Champion in his first interview. As a club legend, Hrubesch is initially untouchable; his word has much more weight than that of all those responsible together.

Perhaps the Hrubesch staff will open even more doors for HSV. In search of new sponsors and donors, the club can now score with its name. This further strengthens Hrubesch’s already strong position.

Does Hrubesch Kuehne return?

Investor Klaus-Michael Kühne, for example, is considered a big fan of the former striker. The talks with Kühne have been on hold since the missed return. The contract for the rights to the stadium name was not renewed and recently expired. So far, the concept of the HSV has not been convincing enough to get the 83-year-old back on board. That can change now.

However, it would be presumptuous to hang the expectations of Hrubesch and HSV too high. Above all, his obligation is an investment in the future that is more sensible than most other personnel decisions in recent years.

But even for an experienced man like Hrubesch, the job in Hamburg is a huge challenge and cannot be compared to his work as a youth coach at the DFB. Hrubesch will work on the development of a new DNA for the entire club and cannot rely on structures that have already grown. In addition, the money is missing at all corners and ends. When Hrubesch returned, the people in charge initially bought time – but above all a specialist with a great reputation.


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