The best Internet speed tests for your particular connection


Whether you are struggling with slow connection speeds or curious to know how your internet provider compares, it is impossible to know how fast your access to the virtual world network is without doing an accurate test. The best high-quality Internet speed tests can clear up any confusion quickly and easily.

Internet speed tests will help you determine your upload speeds and download, as well as to identify other problems with your network, so do not hesitate to use them.

SpeedOf.Me, one of the best speed tests on the Internet is a lightweight HTML5-based speed test designed to replicate real-world browsing and download conditions by requesting an increasing number of files and recording the speed at which they download.

Not only does the site display a graph of speeds achieved in real time, but it also allows you to track results against other past tests. Instead of selecting a location, the website calculates the fastest and most reliable server out of 88 available servers, and all files are downloaded and uploaded in sequence – rather than simultaneously – to mimic actual web browsing conditions.


TestMyNet, one of the best speed tests on the Internet

If you are looking for a test that offers more data, runs a series of tests and provides a lot of useful data. There are separate options for the download and upload tests, so be sure to try both.

After testing, the results will show speed based on the ranking of other recent users. It also shows a graph with your connection to check if you had any problem at a certain time. If these numbers are unfamiliar to you, there is also plenty of documentation and easy guides to help you better identify what is wrong with your connection.

TESTMY.NET, one of the best speed tests on the Internet

The technology used by Speedtest Net is smart and fast. Pick five nearby servers (from a list of over 1,000), run a full test, and check upload and download speeds, among other data.

You will also be able to fill out a survey after the test, answer some questions about the speed of your ISP and the monthly connection costs, which will allow you to accumulate an impressive database to be viewed and broken down.

The site is also lightweight and does not appear to have a noticeable impact on test speeds.


Internet Health Test, one of the best speed tests on the Internet

Do you want a more complete view of how your Internet speed works when you push it a little? So Internet Health Test It is an excellent option for you. This web-based internet meter is not the fastest on the market, but it offers the most comprehensive evaluation of all, as it takes care of testing your connection across a set of servers and infrastructure to see how it works across a variety of situations.

In this case, don’t worry so much about the average speed, it’s probably lower than your other tests. Instead, look at the different configurations that were run to see how well your connection worked across various server arrays. If you really want to dive, you can compare this to the way you normally use the internet to see the expected speeds based on your typical activity, but that might require some research!

Internet Health Test, one of the best speed tests on the Internet is a simple and straightforward site run by Netflix. The site automatically starts a speed test and shows you exactly what your MBps looks like.

Of course, Netflix is ​​highly intended for use by people who want to test whether their current speed is compatible with Netflix’s platform and content, especially 4K high definition content, which can benefit more from higher download speeds. Other than that, you can use the test almost anywhere.


Google Fiber Speedtest

Google Fiber Speedtest, one of the best speed tests on the Internet

The Google Speed ​​Test is one of the services Fiber offers, but it is not an ad: anyone can use these quick little speed tests, and since it comes from Google, it is not surprising that the test is accurate and efficient.

In fact, it’s one of the fastest speed tests we’ve ever tested, recording around 10 to 15 seconds for the full test. When complete, the test provides information on download and upload speeds, as well as ping.

Look in the upper right corner to which server you are connecting to and keep that in mind. The option More information It will tell you what kind of speeds you can expect with Google Fiber, which is where advertising finally comes in. If you want a quick and accurate test, try this one.

Google Fiber

* Article updated by José Luis Plascencia on July 31, 2020.

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