the comings and goings of a complicated relationship


Kiko Matamoros it’s not going through its best moment. In the last days, the collaborator of Save me has captured the attention of the media after being urgently admitted for a serious complication after his gallbladder removal. A complicated week where the tertullian has been surrounded at all times by his partner Marta López, and has had contact with his children, Diego and Laura. However, the tertualiano has confessed, during a live connection to the Telecinco program from the hospital, having noticed a notable absence: that of his daughter, Ana Matamoros. A new setback seems to shake the already bad relationship between father and daughter, and that is that the collaborator has revealed during the connection that the influence She hasn’t even called him to ask how everything had turned out. Although it seems that the estrangement of father and daughter is going through its worst moment, the truth is that the comings and goings have been protagonists in their bond for more than a year.


A new controversy has opened the trunk of the family confrontations between Kiko and her daughter, and that is that in the last days some information has come to light that accused Marta Lopez of being obsessed with Ana. Something that the tertullian has not hesitated to sharply deny, to also blame Anita for the bad relationship between them, in addition to her ex-wife, Makoke, for bringing the murky matter to light in a statement in Live life. “I have no relationship with her, her mother already said it and I corroborate it”Matamoros confessed after many months of speculation since they stopped publishing images together. “She is my daughter and she has to respect me”, continued the collaborator. “It would be a bad example of education if I allowed my daughter to kick people around, I don’t know. I’m not going to allow anyone, least of all my son, for her sake,” he concluded, reproaching the attitude of Ana.

Kiko’s particular war with his children, in this case with the youngest, seems to have no end and is that although the collaborator insists that there is no conflict with two sides, the truth is that there is with one. When it seemed that father and daughter had moved closer after the divorce with his mother, this new setback has interrupted the harmony between the two, and that is that his relationship with the young woman is now more than ever. A distancing that is repeated again and that seems to have its origin in the relationship of his father with Marta. “There comes a time that is a horrible weariness, I was very excited to have recovered the relationship with all my children but sometimes it may not be all ideal and that’s it “Matamoros lamented in Live life, hinting that the situation does not depend on him. But despite confessing that currently his relationship with Anita is null, Matamoros has made it clear that above all, she is his daughter and that he will love her all his life and that his intention is to return to the same relationship as before, but without conditions: “I am not going to allow a 20-year-old girl to interfere in my life, in such an unfair way.”


Kiko Matamoros, hospitalized urgently after suffering severe pain

A conflict stemming from the divorce of Kiko and Makoke

Now, the relationship between father and daughter has cooled down again and although there is much speculation about the reason for the new estrangement between them, the truth is that the bad relationship with their children has been brewing for a long time. Although neither party has ever wanted to explain in detail what happened between them, Matamoros mainly accuses Makoke of being the cause of this new estrangement with his daughter Ana. “My daughter has enough personality to manage her emotions and feelings, I don’t stop at what the mother has done, I don’t care, my relationships with my daughter have to be with my daughter.” Although the origin of the first estrangement between Kiko and Ana Matamoros dates back to when the Mediaset collaborator and Makoke divorced and starred controversial media clashes, the truth is that the tertullian has repeatedly claimed not to be responsible for the bad relationship with his children, but for their attitudes. “I have fatally educated my children, I have consented to everything, I have given them everything I could and that is not a way to educate”, Kiko confessed a few months ago during his intervention in Live life.


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