The DJ was verbally attacked and told what happened


Francesco Facchinetti he was verbally attacked and wanted to tell everything that happened on his Instagram profile. It is not the first time that the son of the singer Roby Facchinetti, of the Pooh, he decides to let yourself go hard on social networks. The temperament of the ex dj has always been very heated, as is his way of telling what happens to him, since he often ends up in trouble. The episode he told is really surreal, which is why man has taken it so hard.

Francesco Facchinetti

Francesco Facchinetti was attacked

Francesco Facchinetti, that showed his villa in Sardinia, has returned to be talked about for a news episode that sees him as the protagonist. The man explained that he had suffered a verbal attack while he was stopped with his car at a red traffic light in Milan. The former DJ explained all the dynamics of the facts to his followers. A gentleman in his fifties approached Facchinetti with his car, to then lower the window to spit in the car. A sudden reaction that triggered the reaction of the ex singer. “Son of p … ..a, die“Were his words, which he then justified by pointing out that”you know I’m a smoker, mothers don’t touch each other“.

The intervention of the colleague who was in the car with him managed to prevent that Francesco he completely lost his temper. After this episode he tried to make some reflections, also trying to understand why a 50-year-old man may have made a similar gesture towards him. His answer to this question was that it was envy. “Those who envy are mediocre. I go back to my beautiful family, instead you go home pissed with your car of m… a“Added the artist.


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