The ex gieffina has finally released statements, but something does not return


Lombard amber, on the pages of Nuovo magazine, announced the break with Declining. It is not the first time that the teacher of the Big Brother Vip he lets himself go to declarations which then, on time, he finds himself having to deny. In these months their relationship has been at the center of the gossip and it seems that the two have taken a taste. They are not the first characters who enjoy keeping everyone in suspense, but fans are having many doubts about what their love story has been.

Ambra Lombardo and the break with Kikò

Lombard amber e Chicco Nalli they always try to ride the wave of gossip. This is demonstrated by all the contradictions that have occurred, the official declarations, which were later denied and the feeling that all the fans who are lying are having have left for much longer than they want to believe. The two did not want to reveal the truth, probably to try to stay as close to the center of the news as possible. There are many characters who perfectly know how to stay away from gossip, but among these it is clear that there are not them.

The Lombardo e Nalli they have ridden the wave of gossip numerous times, thanks to their relationship born inside the Casa del Big Brother. Many have the impression that the relationship has been over for some time and not just as reported Lombardo, that she let herself go to a hard outlet. Everyone was aware that it was over, so much so that there were also rumors, completely unfounded, that spoke of an approach of Chicco Nalli to his ex-wife Tina Cipollari. This news was denied by both, who got very angry because the three children were also involved.


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