The fire that put Monterrei on edge after burning 1,535 ha remains under control.


Ourense, Aug 2 (EFE) .- That of Cualedro has been, to date, the great fire of this summer in Galicia, and, once controlled, the neighbors do not forget the anguish experienced while the extinction services continue to work for their totally off.

After several days in suspense, the residents of the bordering municipality of Monterrei, a municipality that was more punished by the devastating effects of the flames despite having started in Cualedro, define what was experienced in this fire in one word: hell, now that the situation it is more controlled.

Most coincide with the passing of the days when what happened in this area could have been worse when verifying how in a matter of minutes the fire swept through the year-long work on farms, crops, trees and animals, causing panic in these nuclei.

“The miracle houses did not burn. It could be horrible in addition to the danger it posed for the neighbors ”; summarizes Efe Carme Sola, neighbor of this town hall, who, resigned, still verified today the effects caused by the fire.

The fire, which started a few days ago, continues to be controlled yesterday, after burning 1,535 hectares, 525 of them agricultural and 1,010 forested, part of them wooded, according to the last part provided by the Ministry of Rural Affairs.

Proof of the virulence of the fire, is that it forced the mobilization of a significant number of air and land troops, in total, 43 agents, 45 motorized pumps, six bulldozer blades, thirteen helicopters and thirteen aircraft, in addition to members of the Military Emergency Unit (UME).

With the calmer situation, the neighbors take advantage of these days to check the damage caused by this fire, which has left many seriously damaged vineyards but also chestnut trees, plantations or sheds, as well as dead animals.

The balance is devastating: “Everything is burned and you can still see the marks of how the towns were completely surrounded by the fires,” Sola abounds.

The main fear now centers on what remains of the summer, which he does not understand about coronaviruses, while the neighbors helplessly check how the fires continue to repeat year after year in the same regions.

The latest data does not seem to invite optimism while in these areas they are already asking “what interests are there” so that every year the forest burns: “There is still a lot of summer ahead”.

The Xunta de Galicia has more than twenty parishes on the black list of towns with high incendiary activity.

Another concern has to do with the type of fire itself, which makes control and extinction tasks more and more difficult.

“They are becoming more virulent, nobody cleans and the municipalities do not care,” reflects Sola, who adds another problem, “the depopulation” of rural areas.

“It is clear that the valuation is negative. This fire has been for the moment one of the largest this summer, “says the mayor of Monterrei, José Luis Suárez, who sees a difficult solution to the problem of fires.

At the moment, the government is considering the possibility of requesting the declaration of a “catastrophic zone” after the damages caused in productive lands.

Meanwhile, the mayors of these towns entrust themselves to the Xunta to “increase prevention” and to promote all kinds of initiatives that favor the land to become “productive” through measures such as model villages.

The objective is to mitigate the spread of fires “and that the effects are minimal.”

What the councilors do agree on is the desolation when they see how the province of Ourense burns every year: “Every year the same history is repeated, we must emphasize that people denounce to try to find those who catch on”; summarizes the mayor of Cualedro, Luciano Rivero.

“We cannot afford to burn our vegetation every year, what future are we leaving to young people,” Rivero asks. As mayor, he says he is “angry” that they are always put “on the map” by fires. forest.

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