The food blogger from the Marche region worries her fans


The famous cook from the Marche region Benedetta Rossi, always very active on the web, where she advertises her tasty recipes and answers the many questions of the fans, lately she has made them worry about her strange silence on social networks.

The silence of Benedetta Rossi

Due to the silence of the food blogger, fans began to wonder what happened to Benedetta. In fact, it had already been a few days since the latest live news and in many they worried mainly for the health of Cloud, fearing that his condition would have required the vet again. Fortunately, this was not the case they are really Rossi and Marco to tell the motivation that kept them away from the web for a few days. In a story the husband of the protagonist of “Homemade for you“Shows his wife intent on consulting her cell phone, reassuring her followers:” Here we are! Many worried why we haven’t made any fuss these days. ” Benedetta continued: “It’s all right, except that these days I’ve been super messed up with the TV, in the evening I end up late and I’m tired and upset.

A little relaxation

In addition, due to restrictions imposed by health legislation, shooting times have lengthened as the number of production workers is lower and the process of the same is more complicated. Today finally Rossi can enjoy a day off before starting again. Fortunately, the deadline is near, as Benedetta herself says: “Thursday we end! Three episodes are still missing. We are seeing each other little on Instagram, but we will recover“. The food blogger, in fact, she also apologized to her fans for not being able to answer the many questions on the sidelines of the recipes she shared, ensuring that soon she will be back at their complete disposal. Meanwhile Marco announces: “We are also working on other things“, Leaving the fans on hold.

A comic curtain

The story ended with a small comic curtain.

Marco, in fact, resumes his wife intent on leafing through a magazine, launching a survey among fans. Maybe Benedetta is on the cover? Not at all, he was simply looking for something to ‘fan’ with! Funny as always the comment of Marco who with his engaging laugh exclaims: “Never a joy!”.


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