The Governor of Puerto Rico issues a new order to stop the coronavirus


San Juan, Jul 31 (EFE) .- The Governor of Puerto Rico, Wanda Vázquez, issued a new executive order to help stop the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus on the island, which means maintaining current measures, except for extend for two weeks the prohibition to close all commerce on Sundays except hardware stores, pharmacies and supermarkets, and guarantee the celebration of electoral processes.

On August 9, primaries will be held on the island and this Sunday you can vote in advance for them.

The curfew schedule remains the same from 10 at night (02.00 GMT) to 5 in the morning (09.00 GMT).

In a televised address, Vázquez indicated that the evidence shows that community transmission represents the highest percentage of positive cases of COVID-19 on the island.

The total of confirmed cases is 78 and the probable ones are 10,784.

The number of deceased is 113 and the probable deaths by COVID-19 are 106.


Vázquez emphasized that it is still mandatory to comply with the measures, such as the use of a mask to cover the area of ​​the mouth and nose at all times and that it continues that a minimum space of 6 feet (1.83 meters) must be maintained between people when visiting an establishment, store, restaurant or office, in addition to avoiding unnecessary crowds.

In the case of restaurants, 50% of the maximum occupancy in dining rooms must allow physical distance.

In the event that this maximum occupancy does not allow physical distance, the restaurant will be obliged to decrease the occupancy until it can allow adequate physical distance.

It also recommended establishing an air control system so that the ducts of air conditioning units are cleaned and disinfected periodically to minimize aerosol contamination and, in turn, the probability of contagion.

The restriction remains that from 7:00 p.m. (23:00 GMT), from Monday to Saturday, the consumption, sale and sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in all shops and establishments authorized in this executive order.


On Sundays, throughout the day, the consumption, sale and sale of alcoholic beverages in authorized shops is prohibited.

In turn, the appointment of all elective surgery will be conditioned to medical standards, in accordance with the protocols on COVID-19.

On the other hand, the use of common areas, that is, pools, gymnasiums, courts or any similar place, of condominiums, urbanizations or any other housing complex is prohibited.

The beaches can only be used for exercise and the cinemas are still closed.

On the other hand, the governor recalled that it is the obligation of each employer to immediately report the suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 among its staff of employees to the Department of Health.

Finally, the executive order reinforces the oversight of people who do not comply with the precautionary measures, specifically the mandatory use of face masks at all times, and reiterates that law enforcement officers have the authority to intervene with people who fail to comply with the provisions of the law. executive order and they could be subject to criminal prosecution.

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