The Île-de-France region files a complaint after a fight between a hundred young people at a leisure center in Essonne


The Ile-de-France region has decided to file a complaint after a fight on Friday between a hundred young people at the Etampes leisure center (Essonne), reports Saturday August 1 France Bleu Paris. Three participants in the fight were slightly injured, they did not want to file a complaint.

Friday July 31, around 6 p.m., around 20 young people from Mennecy faced off against 80 young people from the city of Guinettes in Étampes. The brawl took place under the dumbfounded eyes of hundreds of families who came to enjoy a scorching afternoon at the leisure center. Police dispersed the angry crowd with tear gas. The scene, filmed, made the rounds of social networks

A request for bans on leisure islands

The president of the region, Valérie Pécresse, firmly denounced on twitter these facts, which she describes as‘”unacceptable”. She also announced that Patrick Karam will be there on Sunday. “to assess the needs of additional security forces and forward them to the interior ministry”.

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