the Ile-de-France region files a complaint


A complaint will be filed by the Ile-de-France region after the stampede which turned into a fight involving a hundred young people on Friday in a leisure center in Etampes, in Essonne, announced its president Valerie Pécresse.

This Friday, at the end of the afternoon, while more than a thousand people, including families, take advantage of the activities of this leisure center in this city in the Paris region, “a scramble” occurs between a hundred of young people, reports a police source.

Quickly, the spirits are heated and the young people come to blows, under the helpless gaze of the families and the members of the security of the center.

Videos of the incident spark outrage

Several videos of the incident, posted on social media, have been viewed thousands of times, sparking outrage.

Saturday evening, the president of the Ile-de-France region, Valérie Pécresse, denounced “unacceptable violence”. “A complaint will be filed. And Vice-President Patrick Karam will go there tomorrow (Editor’s note, Sunday) to assess the needs for additional security forces and transmit them to the Ministry of the Interior,” she announced on Twitter.

The incident, which ended with the intervention of the police, did not cause any injuries.

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