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Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was and remains an American icon in many ways. Her devotion to art and culture, her reform in the White House, her widowhood after the Kennedy assassination and her rebirth when she married Onassis.

A life full of joys and tragedies, lights and shadows that shaped her path until cancer took her in 1994. From her single life to her death, Jacqueline has maintained a common thread for every moment of her life, fashion.

Jackie Kennedy’s looks are iconic par excellence. The decades went by throughout her public life and she knew how to adapt her style, always elegant, over time.

Jacqueline Bouvier conquered John F. Kennedy himself with his beauty, his class and his know-how. As Vanity Fair well collects, the couple was the reflection of the ‘American Dream’, the most glorious American dream.

Young, in love, handsome and rich, the 1950s has left us with photographs as endearing as these of the youth of the ‘future’ First Lady and the President of the United States.

John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier on vacation on the ship. (Photo by Hy Peskin / Getty Images)

The couple culminated this dream by marrying at St Mary’s Church in Rhode Island in September 1953. From that moment on the people loved Jackie Kennedy and enjoyed seeing her glorious wife dress.

The bodice with a portrait neckline and that indelible skirt with volume, a classic dress worthy of a princess. With 900 guests at such a ceremony, little was said about the dress designer, Ann Lowe, and why? for its African American origins.

Although, following Jacqueline Kennedy’s dress, Ann Lowe “secretly” dressed American ladies in high society.

John F. Kennedy y Jacqueline Lee Bouvier goes home in Rhode Island

Jackie Kennedy y John F. Kennedy saliendo de la St. Mary’s Church. (Photo by Charles McCormick /The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

In the 1960s and consolidating her role as First Lady, Jacqueline brought her iconic accessory, the hat, into fashion. This accessory is indisputably a signature stamp for Jackie and the vast majority of her hats were signed by a good friend of hers.

The designer Oleg Cassini was in charge of granting that familiar and close charisma but, in turn, elegant and stately to Jackie on numerous occasions with headdress-style hats that we can all remember. Simple lines, simple cuts and timeless elegance.

Oleg Cassini’s hats are the perfect match for Jackie (Photo by Leonard McCombe / Life Magazine / The LIFE Picture Collection / Getty Images)

In his political and / or diplomatic meetings Jacqueline Kennedy always dazzled both in America and abroad and, to show, this Duvier suit that the First Lady wore at the White House, in Washington.

It is an elegant pink strapless dress that Duvier made for Christian Dior and Jackie put it together with the French Minister of Culture, Andre Malraux, and his wife Madeleine, thus monopolizing the center of all eyes.

Jacqueline Kennedy always dazzled both in America and abroad (Photo by George DeSota / Newsmakers)

If there’s one look America will never forget, it’s the bloodstained pink Chanel Jackie wore on the tragic day her husband was murdered. November 22, 1963 is a historical date since, when John and Jacqueline participated in a caravan of cars, they killed him.

Her blood splattered on Chanel’s fall / winter 1961-2 dress, and she refused to take it off when she returned to Washington to let the people see what they had done to her beloved.

This costume was already unique before witnessing the murder and it is that the New York workshop Chez Ninon had made it expressly for her. Back then, the French firm sold patterns to some partners across the pond so they could recreate their designs.

The suit was never cleaned and is, even today, in ideal conditions to be kept. It is found in the US National Archives without sunlight and 40% humidity in the air.

The iconic pink Chanel on the day of the Kennedy assassination (Photo by Art Rickerby / The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images)

The iconic pink Chanel from the day of the Kennedy assassination

After the murder, Jackie made fashion history again, this time in her widow’s outfit. It was a two-piece suit with a tasselled jacket and an LBD. This look caused such a sensation that it was dubbed the ‘funeral suit’ and is attributed to the Givenchy firm.

So much was the love to the suit that Jackie took it on December 3 when Clint Hill (the agent who tried to protect them from the attack) was decorated as on December 5 when he left with his children from the White House to fire John F. Kennedy .

Her widow’s outfit was called a Funeral Suit (Photo by Express / Getty Images)

Her widow’s outfit was called a Funeral Suit (Photo by Dick Kraus / Newsday RM via Getty Images)

Being the widow of America for many years, some did not forgive Jackie for becoming the wife of Aristotle Onassis. He was a ship magnate and was two decades older than her, they say when JFK died on television he pointed to the screen pointing out that Jackie would be his next wife.

So it was. In 1968 the nickname Jackie O. was born for Kennedy’s old wife and he remarried at an Orthodox wedding in Greece. Her dress did not go unnoticed either, it was lace and pleated with a subtle high neck and with all the elegance signed by Valentino.

Her mane with the white maxi bow and the ivory color of the garment wasted glamor on all four sides and the fashion sector bowed to her once again.

In 1968 the nickname Jackie O. was born for Kennedy’s old wife and he remarried at an Orthodox wedding in Greece

Jackie who becomes the wife of Aristotle Onassis

Jackie remained faithful to her style and the trends of the 70s, 80s and 90s. She wore prints, satin, bell bottoms but never lost her greatest asset, distinction and elegance when wearing these looks.

In 1993 he fell from a horse and began to feel illnesses throughout 1994 until he was diagnosed with a cancer called Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He had chemotherapy in the first months of 1994, but the cancer had already spread to his spinal cord and brain by March.

In May her liver was also affected and on May 18 she left the hospital for her home in New York where she died that same night surrounded by her friends, her family, her people and the things she loved the most, as she announced the next day. her son John F. Kennedy Jr.

Elegant throughout her life, 1993 photo (Photo by Brooks Kraft LLC / Sygma via Getty Images)

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