The Marino will return to Tenerife pending the RFEF decision


Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Aug 2 (EFE) .- The expedition of the Club Deportivo Marino, which had traveled to Madrid to dispute the phase of promotion to Second Division B, will return to Tenerife this Sunday, after confirming the negatives of coronavirus in all team members, pending the decision of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

The president of the Tenerife club, Paco Santamaría, has informed EFE that this Sunday the team will return to the island, since the planned match has been suspended and, for now, the decision that the Federation will take on promotions to the bronze category.

Paco Santamaría reported that he has the “perception” that no other date will be sought for the dispute of the matches, since “it is difficult to activate all the necessary means, both sanitary and logistical”, for travel to Madrid.

In any case, the president of CD Marino hopes that the RFEF will make a “fair and equitable decision” for the four teams that were going to play the qualifying rounds, which he hopes will arrive “as soon as possible.”

The leader of the Tenerife club has reported that, with the tests carried out on Saturday night after three positives in the expedition that have finally turned out to be “false positives”, it has been “shown” that they have had “perfect compliance” with the protocol.

Santamaría has insisted that CD Marino cannot be punished or harmed in the decision made by the Federation, since they cannot punish them for something they have not done.

The president thanked “the behavior” of Linares, who was the rival of Tenerife in the party for the promotion, as well as the “support received” from the Canarian and Spanish federations and institutions, such as the City Council of Arona or the General Directorate of Sports of the Government of the Canary Islands.

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