the mask becomes compulsory outside in 69 municipalities of Mayenne


From Monday August 3, wearing a mask becomes compulsory in the street in 69 municipalities of Mayenne, after a new prefectural decree, reports France Bleu Mayenne Saturday.

Until there, only the city centers of Laval, Mayenne, Evron and Château-Gontier were concerned, as well as some markets. A new prefectural decree taken this Saturday has changed the situation. From now on, it is throughout Laval Agglo, Mayenne, Evron, Craon, Renazé, but also in the entire community of communes of the Pays de Château-Gontier and that of Ernée that the mask will have to be worn in all places. public, including outdoors, and whatever the neighborhood, not just in the city center. However, the obligation to wear a mask does not apply to sports activities. Only people over 11 years old are required to wear one.

The Prefect justifies his decision to extend the obligation to wear a mask by “the epidemiological situation in the department” and “the active nature of the spread of the virus”, especially in the targeted municipalities where “several epidemic outbreaks have been identified in recent weeks”.

“A good measure which simplifies the pedagogy”

The mayor of Laval, Florian Bercault, greeted France Bleu Mayenne “a good measure” who “simplifies the explanation, the pedagogy”. “To harmonize the rules, to simplify them, that seems to be interesting, at least it is (…)

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