the National Assembly adopts the text opening the assisted reproduction to all women


After a sprint of less than a week and bitter debates, the National Assembly adopted at second reading the draft bioethics law and its flagship measure of the opening of the PMA to all women, in the night from Friday to Saturday August 1st.

The first major societal reform of the five-year term, the text, examined since Monday, was voted by 60 votes against 37 and 4 abstentions, to the applause of the majority. He has yet to return to the Senate, perhaps not before January 2021, before parliamentarians from both chambers try to find a compromise version.

In a tweet, Emmanuel Macron greeted “the commitment of parliamentarians, members of the government and the National Consultative Ethics Committee.”

LR deputies against the creation of “children without fathers”

In addition to the emblematic measure of the opening of assisted reproduction to lesbian couples and single women, this bill provides for a delicate reform of filiation and access to origins, and addresses (…)

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