“The need to party will always be there”


How to dance in times of Covid? Since the end of deconfinement, lrevelers face the dilemma as nightclubs and concert halls remain closed. In Île-de-France, the only evenings still legally accessible are “open air” parties in the open air, where barrier gestures are a priori easier to respect. When these evenings are not prohibited, many flock to have access to the famous dance space.

Impossible to stay in an apartment

North of Paris on Friday July 31, on half a hectare of beaten earth in the middle of buildings, an evening of this type was organized. With a bar, a few pallet lounges where you can sit down to chat, and a DJ on a small platform. About ten people sway in rhythm in front of him.

“We’re like hens in the open air. That’s all there is to it!” one of them is ecstatic. The need to decompress after the last few weeks is also felt a lot in front of the speakers: In the middle of summer, staying in an apartment in Paris is not possible. We want to let off steam, to dance a bit because we couldn’t do it during confinement, for three months “, explains another.

No mask despite recommendations

As for the reception, the gauge was considerably reduced for this evening, 250 people maximum on 5000 m². But the gestures (…)

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