The Nicaraguan diaspora calls for a meeting of OAS ministers to ignore Ortega


Managua, Jul 31 (EFE) .- A civic movement of the Nicaraguan diaspora reported on Friday that it has requested the Organization of American States (OAS) to meet its ministers to attend to the humanitarian emergency in the Central American country and to ignore its President Daniel Ortega for exercising power in an “illegitimate” way.

The movement, called Nicaraguans in the World (NEEM), asked OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro and the agency’s foreign ministers to “convene a consultation meeting of foreign ministers urgently” to address the case of Nicaragua .

NEEM requested that the ministers meet to “attend to the health and humanitarian emergency deliberately unleashed against the Nicaraguan people, and for the imminent threat of the massive regional contagion of the COVID-19 pandemic,” given Ortega’s handling of the same and, which according to local doctors, does not correspond to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Likewise, the diaspora demanded “to proceed with a sense of urgency at the next General Assembly in October of this year, and based on the OAS Charter, the suspension and ignorance of the dictatorial regime of Ortega, for its current illegitimate exercise of the power, considering that to date diplomatic efforts have been unsuccessful (…) with the aim of promoting the restoration of democracy and freedoms. “

Additionally, NEEM requested “peremptory deadlines that, if not met, allow a transition process to be set in motion to advance the creation of a real climate of freedoms that ensures an electoral process under the standards of the Inter-American System, and to choose a legitimate Government” .


For their part, the relatives of more than 90 “political prisoners” in Nicaragua asked the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) for precautionary measures for the convicts and for their relatives because they still do not have protection against the pandemic and because, supposedly, they are beaten by common inmates on orders from the authorities.

“Our political hostages are in a serious and irreparable health situation, since the Nicaraguan government has not complied with the recommendations of the WHO (…), the jailers of the penitentiary system also predispose common prisoners to attack to our relatives, “said Rodrigo Navarrete, uncle of” political defendant “Jaime Navarrete, at a joint press conference with NEEM.

“The trials and convictions on the basis of fabricated crimes continue to maintain the message of repression of the entire state apparatus against our children and the people in general (…). More than 5,000 common prisoners have been pardoned so far in the year and only four political prisoners. The efforts made by the Verification Commission of the Civic Alliance before the apostolic nuncio, Waldemar Sommertag, have been unsuccessful, “he added.

Nicaragua is going through a deep socio-political crisis since the popular uprising against Ortega in 2018, which was controlled with armed attacks that left hundreds of prisoners, dead or missing, thousands of wounded and tens of thousands in exile.

Ortega has explained that he defended himself from a “failed coup.”

Currently in the OAS there is a process of application of the Inter-American Democratic Charter to Nicaragua for the “break of the constitutional order”, which if applied would suspend it from the body.

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