The number of infected in the crew of a Norwegian cruise ship rises to 36


Berlin, Aug 2 (EFE) .- The number of crew members of the Norwegian cruiser “Roald Amundsen” who have tested positive for the COVID-19 has risen to 36, while trying to locate other passengers who were on the ship since mid-July, reports from that country report.

So far, tests have been carried out on all the crew members -158-, according to sources from the Hurtigruten shipping company. Of the 36 that were positive, 33 are Filipinos and the rest are French or Norwegian. They are all asymptomatic.

The ship is still anchored in the isolated Cape of Tromsø. Four crew members entered a university clinic Friday, while the rest are still on the ship.

On board the “Roald Amundsen” there are no passengers left, since the last ones disembarked in that same place on Friday. Norwegian authorities have tried to locate both those who sailed on the last voyage and their predecessors to indicate that they must be quarantined.

In total it is estimated that there are some 380 affected, among the crew members and passengers who sailed on the cruise between July 17 and 24.

The alarm emerged in the middle of the week, after symptoms of an illness were detected in four crew members, although they were not considered “typical” of the coronavirus, the company explained.

These workers were then isolated, while the ship reached Cape Tromsø, where the passengers disembarked.

In Norway, 9,249 infections have been verified since the indication of the pandemic, with a total of 256 fatalities.

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