The organization aligns with the CAM and leaves the decision to the owner, Ion Tiriac


Madrid, Aug 1 (EFE) .- The organization of the Mutua Madrid Open is aligned with the Community of Madrid (CAM), which has recommended that the tennis tournament not be held from September 12 to 20, due to the rise in cases of COVID-19 in the region, and leaves the final decision of its celebration in the owner of the tournament, Ion Tiriac.

In an official statement, it is stated that “the organizers have worked with ATP and WTA to celebrate the tournament from September 12 to 20, within the restructuring of the calendar.”

The organization claims to have worked closely with “the competent health agencies of the Community of Madrid and with the Higher Sports Council (CSD). The aforementioned organizations have always shown their maximum collaboration, solving all doubts raised and facilitating at all times the process to be able to celebrate the Mutua Madrid Open 2020 “.

“In the last meeting, held on July 29”, the note continues, “and due to the increase in cases of covid-19 in Madrid in recent days, the organizers of the Mutua Madrid Open expressed their doubts about being able to celebrate the tournament without health complications that affect players, public and workers. “

“Given this situation, the organizers of the Mutua Madrid Open requested the help of Antonio Zapatero, deputy minister of Public Health, and received the recommendation not to hold the tournament due to the current evolution of the covid-19,” the statement continues.

“In that meeting the organization had the collaboration and help of the Community of Madrid to analyze the situation, which unfortunately worsens day by day. As they cannot assure a positive evolution of that situation in the coming weeks, the organizers of the Mutua Madrid Open they considered making a decision with enough time, “adds the note.

That if, the Madrid Open reserved “always the right to make that last decision on the celebration of the tournament”.

“Given these recommendations from the competent health agencies, the tournament organization is analyzing and evaluating all possible options in detail, always thinking of guaranteeing the safety of all tournament members,” he adds.

“The final decision on holding the Mutua Madrid Open 2020 will rest with Ion Tiriac and Super Slam Ltd., owner of the tournament license,” concludes the note from the Madrid tournament.

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