The PP accuses the Government of naturalizing “nationalist blackmail”


Malaga, Aug 2 (EFE) .- The Deputy Secretary for PP Organization, Ana Beltrán, regretted this Sunday that the Government has turned “nationalist blackmail” into another component of Spanish politics.

Beltrán, who has intervened in an act of the PP of Marbella, has criticized that Pedro Sánchez has been able to break inter-territorial solidarity “in order to obtain the support of the Basque Nationalist Party”, as has been seen, in his opinion, at the Conference of Presidents.

He has asked himself “what else will he give to Catalan independentists to support their budgets” because he has assured that “they never lose, they do not lose an opportunity to demand the government and they have already asked for another bilateral table meeting to demand how they always do. “

The popular leader has assured that the Government has turned “nationalist blackmail” into another component of Spanish politics and has insisted that these funds should be distributed according to objective criteria, as European countries have done, depending on the population, of the gross domestic product and the unemployment rate.

“Never ever for political reasons, comparative grievances between Spaniards cannot be allowed, nor can there be first and second-class Spaniards,” he added.

Beltrán has pointed out that this year August has become an atypical month, which is seen with uncertainty and concern, due to what tourism brings to the economy and the creation of jobs.

“This August has become a love and I cannot for thousands and thousands of workers and thousands and thousands of companies,” he said.

He regretted the data that has been known about the collapse of the Spanish economy, “an unprecedented collapse, with a fall of 18.5 percent of gross domestic product” and criticized the Sánchez government for downplaying these data ” fruit of his unconsciousness “.

“We once again lead the worst data rankings, we are the leaders and the champions in that list of countries that do the worst things; we were also the leaders in the highest number of infections and deaths in relation to the number population, and now we are also with a greater drop in the gross domestic product of the economy and employment, “he lamented.

He has warned that the Spanish are also “threatened” by a government that is going to impose a “bloody tax reform, such high taxes that they are going to spike investment and economic growth.”

Beltrán has stressed that the Spanish do not deserve a Government that plays with their lives and jobs, “only for their political benefit” and has said that this is not the time for applause or triumphalism, “it is a time for effective work and living up to it than the circumstances require. “

He has assured that the Government continues with its arms dropped despite the contagion multiplying by eight since the end of the state of alarm and has indicated that the PP has presented a plan to activate Spain, although the PSOE and United We Can do not pay attention although it could help the economic and health revival.

He has stated that the Sánchez government is the “government of lies”, and has already insisted that this has been seen in recent days with the committee of false experts, he said.

He has praised the Government of Juanma Moreno because it has saved lives and has given priority to people, with seriousness and moderation, far from populism and radicalism, for which he has summoned Sánchez to look south and take an example of how a crisis.

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