the removal of the large organ will begin on Monday


Genuine “construction site in the buildingr “of the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris, the removal of its great organ, which will have to be cleaned piece by piece, will begin on Monday, August 3, announced the public establishment responsible for rebuild the cathedral. A 30-meter scaffolding was erected in July, to allow this smooth removal.

Voice of the cathedral since 1733, the great symphonic organ of Notre-Dame de Paris has 8,000 pipes divided into 115 stops which make it the largest instrument in France (in terms of number of stops). In the fire in April 2019, it was not affected by the flames, received relatively little water during the firefighters’ response, but was covered with lead dust. Some parts then suffered from the thermal variations undergone by the cathedral since the fire, in particular during the heatwave of July 2019.

The organ will require thorough cleaning and a restoration which will take place between 2021 and 2024. The work begins on Monday August 3 with the removal of the keyboard console and will continue with the dismantling of all 8,000 pipes until the end of the year. All the dismantled elements will be (…)

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