The RFEF claims to have complied with the anti-Covid-19 protocols in the playoffs for promotion to 2nd B


Madrid, Aug 2 (EFE) .- The Royal Spanish Football Federation has issued a note stating that “health has been the main objective of the measures adopted” and that “it complied with anti-COVID protocols in the playoffs additional promotion to 2ªB “.

“The Federation has complied at all times with anti-COVID protocols during the playoffs played in recent weeks, both the promotion to the Second Division and the additional phase of the playoffs to promote to the Second Division B, scheduled for this weekend in the Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas (Madrid), headquarters of the RFEF, “states the note.

“In the case of the additional phase of the playoffs for promotion to the Second Division B, as soon as they appeared at the Ciudad del Fútbol all the players from the participating clubs underwent the preliminary tests, in which three CD Marino players tested positive “the statement added.

“After detecting those positives”, the note continues, “the RFEF made the decision to suspend the two meetings scheduled for this weekend: CD Lealtad – CD Alcoyano that was going to be played this past Saturday and CD Marino – Linares Deportivo that was going to be held this Sunday “.

“In addition, immediately, the Federation informed the health authorities of the Community of Madrid and the Government (CSD) and made available to the affected club all the means to continue with the isolation measures and confirmation of the results,” continues the RFEF.

“On Friday night, all members of the Canarian delegation were subjected by the Community of Madrid to PCR and molecular analytical tests, and the results of these tests have been negative in all cases,” he highlights.

To conclude, “The Royal Spanish Football Federation thanks the willingness of the managers, coaching staff and players of the clubs and the deployment made by the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid, which gave an effective and immediate response to the call of the RFEF “.

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