The two protagonists of “Men and Women” would split up again


Once again the spotlight on Giulia De Lellis e Andrea Damante because of a new break. According to some rumors that are circulating on social media, in fact, the two would have split up again and it seems that Andrea was seen in the company of a blonde.

New De Lellis-Damante break

For some days Giulia De Lellis and Andrea Damante have not been together. You, during your stay in Forte dei Marmi, had some health problems while he got there Sardinia for work reasons. The well-known pair of “Men and women”Had been approaching for a few months, after a stormy separation and a book, the best-seller “The horns look good on everything“, Dedicated by De Lellis right at the break with Damante. Then the lockdown together and a rapprochement that made the couple’s fans dream, between a hypothesis of marriage and the desire to become parents.

The reports of Deianira Marzano

Right from Sardinia arrive the hottest reports, reported bygossip expert influencer Deianira Marzano: “A person from the world of entertainment called me and gave me news, which of course I cannot give for truth because I have not seen it with my own eyes. But it tells me that Giulia and Damante have left each other for several days». And the details also emerge: “Tonight he was also seen walking away with a blonde. Apparently they are no longer together, but it has not been said or made official. We’ll see”.

Andrea seen with Claudia Coppola

Not a few people want Andrea with his ex-girlfriend Claudia Coppola. In fact, the girl would have been spotted in the company of Damante during an evening in a disco. And all this while De Lellis fought a strange influence, which also made one fear contagion from Coronavirus: “I had a fever. I’ve done all the investigation. Even the swab. But I’m fine. I don’t have Covid“, The girl said on Instagram.


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