the waltz of running males approached by Joe Biden


Rumors and leaks, the forecasts are rife around the choice of a running mate who will face Donald Trump with him at the polls on November 3 and will become, perhaps, the first woman vice-president of the.

While some studies show that this choice will have little impact on voting intentions for the Democrat, who is ahead of the Republican president in the polls, others believe that he could make the difference, by mobilizing more, in particular among black voters or in the Midwest who had switched to in 2016.

In the face of the historic wave of anger over police violence and racism after the death of George Floyd, pressure has increased for the septuagenarian to choose a black running mate.

Kamala Harris

“My mother often said to me: Kamala, you will maybe be the first to accomplish many things. Make sure you are not the last,” the 55-year-old senator liked to repeat during the Democratic primary.

Since the start of her career, this daughter of Jamaican and Indian immigrants has been accumulating pioneer titles. And would like, failing to have won the primary, to add that of first black running mate and, perhaps, first woman vice-president of the United States.

After two terms as a prosecutor in San Francisco (2004-2011), she had been twice elected attorney for California (2011-2017), becoming the first woman, but also the first black person, to head the judicial services of the most populous state in the country.

Then in January 2017, she was sworn in to the Senate in Washington, registering as the first woman from South Asia and only the second black senator in American history.

Kamala Harris grew up in Oakland, progressive 1960s California, proud of her parents’ civil rights struggle.

She knows the Democratic candidate well and was close to her son Beau Biden, who died of cancer in 2015. But she had surprised in the attack.[…]


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