This is how the environment of Cayetano Rivera thinks


After the bombing of Karelys Rodríguez, telling that she was Cayetano Rivera’s lover for six years, the bullfighter’s environment has spoken without words.

Karelys has happily dispatched herself in her interview, recounting the ins and outs of her relationship with Cayetano for years behind Eva González’s back. In addition, the young lawyer also wanted to make it clear that Rivera “was persecuting her” even after the cover that uncovered the alleged infidelity.

Rodríguez explained that Cayetano Rivera wanted to contact her during the confinement with coronavirus, that is, in recent months. The Canary resident in London does not know if it is because he misses her or to keep her mouth shut.

While she considers that she has ‘cleaned her honor’ by telling her truth, Eva González smiles silently at the media and her environment explains that the marriage ‘lives a complicated crisis’, yes, from doors to the inside as always.

Informalia collects the testimony not only the environment of the Seville but of the right-handed. From the intimate circle of Cayetano Rivera, the ex-friend’s trick has been dubbed “Karelys’ sow.”

In the informant’s words: “When we were referring to what that woman was going to do we used to say ‘Karelys’ sow’, because what she has just done, for money, in addition to picking up a matter that was settled, is just one more version of the many that she has given , always charging, and with contradictions “

The same source assures the aforementioned media that: “She will say that she has the right to tell her truth but this goes against the honor and privacy of people, and of course, as everyone can see, she is a sow, the great sow of Karelys, we say around here, and that denounce me ”.

Despite the sepulchral silence that the bullfighter maintains for now, his surroundings sentence without hair on the tongue: “Here there is nothing of love or passion, here there is nothing but money. And an absolute contempt for Cayetano’s marriage.”

But if Karelys’s version is true, is she the one who despises marriage to Eva or rather her husband? Of course I think that, at least, it would be both but he in the first place.

Regarding the interview with Karelys, which has had no legal response from Cayetano or Eva, the informant assures that does not rule out the right-hander taking legal action against both Karelys and the media, in this case the magazine Lecturas, which has given voice to its version of events.

Denouncing the media would not do much good since her freedom of expression and the freedom of information of the publication prevail over the possible damage to the marriage that has been caused.

Of course, if Cayetano complains against Karelys, she must provide evidence of this six-year relationship that Omar Suárez, the young woman’s interviewer, defined as “consecutive, with a few months without being involved.”

Also Omar also said in ‘Save me’ that if Karelys told all the information that is still saved, the public would perfectly understand his version and everything would fit.

Apparently, the Canary Island has this vengeance tied against the man who, according to her, she fell madly in love with in her day.

What is not very understandable is that, if this is all a lie, Why does Cayetano not act through the judicial channel or face the media level?

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