This is what it costs to eat at ‘Yakitoro’, Alberto Chicote’s restaurant in Madrid


The chef Alberto Chicotepresenter of Nightmare in the kitchen, It has several stores that are very fashionable in Madrid.

The chef has two restaurants open under the concept of Yakitoro, based on the Japanese concept of putting food on skewers.

He youtuber gastronomic Sezar Blue He has been to one of the Chicote restaurants and has tried a large number of à la carte dishes. “You know what you’re eating in each bite,” says the youtuber comparing the Chicote restaurant with that of Dabiz Muñoz, where he went a few days ago and ate the entire menu.

One of the most striking things about the place is that, in the center of the tables, there is usually a kind of hole with ice and drinks. In addition, dishes such as straw potatoes, tripe ramen and crispy chicken are some of the restaurant’s specialties.

Most of the portions are usually tapas and are perfect for sharing. These are some of the dishes, and their price, that the youtuber Sezar Blue.

Croquettes € 6.50

Torreznos € 5.50

Orange duck € 6.90

Chipi Kimchi 7.50 €

Chicken pesto € 5.90

Rib € 7.90

Ear € 6.90

Tripe ramen € 11.40

Total: 58,5€


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