Thousands of “anti-mask” demonstrators march through Berlin to argue “resistance” to restrictions


After North America and the United Kingdom, Germany has its first major event “anti-masks”. Several thousand demonstrators hostile to measures restricting individual freedoms to combat the Covid-19 marched, Saturday August 1, in the center of Berlin. Estimated at some 15,000 by the police, most of the demonstrators did not wear a mask, according to an AFP journalist, and the normally mandatory one-meter-fifty physical distancing was not respected.

Among the participants in this motley procession, which was heading towards the Brandenburg Gate, several chanted “we are the second wave”, “resistance” or “the biggest conspiracy theory is the novel coronavirus pandemic.”

Berlin police repeatedly called on protesters to respect barrier gestures, before announcing on Twitter that they “filed a complaint” against the organizer of the event due to the “non-compliance with hygiene rules”.

Anti-vaccines, anti-masks, libertarians, extreme right …


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