Threatened by Trump, TikTok wants to stay in the United States


Sold? Bought? Banished? The TikTok app, unloved by Donald Trump but popular with young people, has seen all the colors for 48 hours, between threats of ban at the top and negotiations at a standstill.

On Friday, after weeks of rumors and pressure, the White House announced that the president would sign an official order forcing the Chinese parent company ByteDance to part with it, in the name of protecting national security. Several American media revealed in the wake that Microsoft was in advanced negotiations to buy the application. But on Friday evening, on board the presidential plane, Donald Trump announced that he “banned TikTok from the United States”. He also told reporters that he was not in favor of a takeover of TikTok’s American activities by a company in his country.

The social network is suspected by Washington of sharing its data with Beijing, which the company has always firmly denied. Repatriating it to the United States, thanks to an acquisition, seemed to many players involved an ideal solution. But negotiations between Microsoft and TikTok stalled on Saturday, according to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), because of opposition from the US president. According to the daily, the discussions could have ended on Monday. Both companies are now expecting more clarity from the White House.

“Here to stay”

“It’s getting weird. A 100% sale to an American company, which would have been (…) Read more on La


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