three questions on mandatory drug tests for passengers from 16 at-risk countries


Prime Minister Jean Castex announced it a week ago and the measure comes into force on Saturday August 1: passengers arriving in France by plane from a country at risk, where the Covid-19 is circulating actively, must test negative for coronavirus within 72 hours. And if not, submit to a test at the airport. A test which is therefore no longer optional.

1Which countries are affected?

The measure applies to travelers from 16 countries classified “red” and whose border with France is currently closed to limit the spread of the virus. Can therefore only enter France “French citizens who reside in these countries, or citizens of these countries who have a stable residence in France”, said the Prime Minister. For Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, this should still represent 3,000 tests per day, estimated Jean Castex.

These countries are divided into two categories:

– Those who require travelers to provide a negative test on departure less than 72 hours old before boarding the plane: the United States, the Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Panama. For travelers from these four countries, there is no systematic test on arrival in France.

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