Tim cannot control the single fiber network


Rome, August 2. (askanews) – “I think what I thought in 2012, when I dealt with telecommunications and not with content: the single network is desirable as long as it remains neutral, guarantees equal access to all and is not vertically integrated. And by this I mean that it is not is controlled by a group, such as Telecom, which makes the vertically integrated tlc operator “. In an interview with Repubblica, the CEO of Sky Italia, Maximo Ibarra, returns to the theme of the single network on which the debate has reignited in recent weeks to underline: “I understand the importance of this project for Telecom and I do not put in I doubt that it must be an important partner of the single network. But I also believe that there must be governance, and also management, of the infrastructure that makes the network independent not only of the telephony operators, but of all sectors, such as content, health, safety and so on. “

As for Sky Wifi, the ultra-wide bandwidth fiber service launched by pay TV a month and a half ago, Ibarra explains: “we started from the premise of putting the customer and the ecosystem that is created in homes with Wifi at the center , and the feedback is positive. “


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