To gangsters in the middle of the Amsterdam-Ibiza flight for not wanting to put on the mask


A tremendous image that could be seen in the middle of the flight from Amsterdam to Ibiza when several passengers got involved in cakes.

According to the Dutch newspaper Het Parool, which quotes airline sources KLM, who operated that flight, the fight occurred because one of the passengers, who was drunk, did not want to put on the mask.

The truth is that in the images, published on Twitter by the account @MicHighClub, you can see more passengers without a mask.

In the video we see how a man without a shirt receives a punch in the nose and begins to bleed in the midst of a struggle of several people.

According to this Dutch newspaper, one of the passengers yells “stop, there are children here!”, But things do not calm down.

KLM informed this newspaper that two people were detained by the cabin crew, but they assure that they are not Dutch.


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