“To impose the obligatory mask, it would be necessary to ensure its free”, estimates the deputy France rebellious Bastien Lachaud


The rebellious France deputy of Seine-Saint-Denis Bastien Lachaud affirms it on Saturday August 1 on franceinfo, “to impose the obligatory mask, it would be necessary to ensure its free and equal access to all”. Minister of Health Oliver Véran announced on Friday that the prefects of the departments may make it compulsory to wear masque in public places in the open air.

“There are people who have seen their income drastically drop due to the Covid-19 crisis. The social crisis is before us in September, and therefore today there are people who do not have the means to buy masks and must choose between feeding their children or buying masks “, point lelected from Aubervilliers and Pantin.

While the government will distribute nearly 40 million masks in 7 million households the most modest, the deputy insists on the fact that “when you have to change your mask every four hours, it’s something that will go away quickly.”

Bastien Lachaud thinks all the same that it is a “good thing” that the mask be made compulsory but demands that it be free.

When President Emmanuel Macron says that it is not for taxpayers to pay for the masks for all, yet it is the taxpayer who pays for school for all, it is the taxpayer who pays for health for all.

Bastien Lachaud, rebellious deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis

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The “global protection of society” at stake

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