To make discover the “musical heritage”, a site lists the works of more than 700 composers


From Francesca Caccini in the 17th century to Camille Pepin in the 21st century: a digital platform lists the works of more than 700 composers to showcase artists who have long been eclipsed. Baptized Ask Clara, in reference to Clara Schumann (brilliant pianist, composer and wife of the famous composer) this free database was launched in June by a team led by Claire Bodin, director of the festival Female presence dedicated to female composers of the past and present.

Since our childhood, we have not heard the music of female composers, or so rarely that we do not remember it.“says Claire Bodin to the AFP. “To us musicians, no ‘matrimonial’ has been transmitted; we were fed on the idea of ​​the genius of the great composer, always a man, without ever questioning the repertoire of female composers“.

This tool, funded by the cultural action of Sacem, has listed no less than 4,662 works by 770 composers of 60 nationalities, from 1618 to 2020. The site Presence of composers plans to add 4,000 additional works in the fall, including those by Hildegarde de Bingen (1098-1179), saint of the Catholic Church and one of the first known composers.

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