Too intimate attitudes near the shopping street


A couple let themselves be overwhelmed by passion on a staircase in Cagliari, without the slightest problem. The event happened on the steps of Via Spano, which connect the Castle with Via Manno, or in the historic center. The hour was not too late and there were still many people around, given that it is an area very popular with tourists and that we are in the middle of summer.

Couple has relationships in Cagliari

In the historic center, on a summer evening full of tourists, a couple of young people let themselves be overwhelmed by passion and consumed sexual relations on the steps of Via Spano, which connect Via Manno to the Castle. It was not full night, so there were still people walking, since it is also a very popular area. The scene was immediately immortalized by passersby, who immediately pulled out their phones to take photos and videos.

The couple does not seem to give weight to what is happening around, to the shouts and incitements that are heard in the video. Beside them there are several entrances to houses and there are many people walking. After the couple who recorded a hard video on the Sella del Diavolo to publish it on a site, there are other young people who put aside their inhibitions to let themselves go in the street. This time they definitely exaggerated, since they were in the historic center. Unfortunately for them, however, the scene ended on a Telegram group of 200 thousand members, who were able to see their businesses.


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