Totti’s wife shows herself in all her sensuality


Ilary Blasi she showed herself very provocative on Instagram, while parading with her dress and showing curves. A very sensual look for Francesco Totti’s wife, who every time she posts a post literally drives the web crazy. The woman, dressed in an evening dress, attracted many compliments from all her followers.

Ilary Blasi provocative on Instagram

Ilary Blasi, that she may have had a touch up on her face, she sported a long, very tight black dress that highlighted her statuesque and perfect physique and her wonderful curves. In the video he shared, he made a parade in the corridor, and then turned around in a wink, also showing his shoes and his hairstyle. The presenter is currently on vacation with her whole family and a group of close friends. She sported a really very sexy look, which did not go unnoticed and attracted the attention of the web.

She always knows how to compliment the beautiful presenter who, even during the holidays with her family, continues to show her always impeccable looks and his body in peak physical shape. In another video shared on Instagram, the woman darted on a scooter, once again highlighting her curves. The skirt was completely transparent and left her B side in plain sight, to the delight of all her followers. On every occasion the wife of Francesco Totti manages to be elegant and sensual, without ever falling into the vulgar, always getting the maximum views and comments.


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