Tourism Israel, Avital Kotzer Adari ends mandate in Italy


Rome, July 31 (askanews) – Avital Kotzer Adari’s mandate at the helm of the Israeli National Tourism Office ends today, 31 July the best expectations, “said Avital, recalling how the start in 2014 was not easy, being a complex moment on the international scene for the destination Israel.

With the Expo, the turning point: Israel was in fact the first country to buy space, together with Italy, of course, for participation in EXPO 2015. Through EXPO, a repositioning of the destination began, proposing innovative brands, such as tourism in the open air, combining it with the search for excellence of the products of the earth and the discovery of food and wine originality. This brand has grown unexpectedly, passing through the love of the director for the area of ​​Zichron Yacov, not far from Cesarea Marittima, where Avital was born: the so-called wine area, whose offer has now increasingly entered the awareness of Italians thanks to the numerous communication strategies linked to the contents produced by colleagues in the press.

The director Avital then gave in these 6 years of direction a decisive impetus for the activity with the trade and achieved great successes in the general tourism sector through the creation of collaborations with the most important Tour Operators and with the main networks of agencies. national, with which marketing agreements have been signed which have seen the organization of dedicated events, sponsorships of conventions and roadshows throughout Italy.

“Israel is a magnificent country: my dream was from the beginning to open the treasure chest containing the treasures of my land” added Avital, who also focused strongly on family tourism, a brand in which he also believed a lot as mother of two girls. But also outdoor tourism, promoting the wonderful parks of Israel (as many as 54) and the related possible activities in them, from Birdwatching to archaeological research, from the Israel Trail to the Gospel Trail. We must not forget the extraordinary promotion of the “Paths” that link Israel to ancient traditions of religious movements.

Another bet won: “To make known the sculpted desert of Israel was one of my missions from the beginning” explained Avital. And today the Negev desert is included in the list of destinations for lovers of trekking, extreme sports, mountain biking, but also for lovers of yoga or relaxation thanks to an investment in communication and the opening of the new Ramon airport. Spiritual tourism then found in the desert a privileged place to offer a unique and unrepeatable experience in other places, between history and nature, between Byzantine churches and animals mentioned in the Bible. The communication activity has managed to make Israel grow also on fashion, food and design, opening its doors above all to the liveliness of the two cities that enclose the soul of the country: Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Two cities, one breath. Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in fact harmonize and complement each other in their apparent diversity and six years of activity, also supported by a massive ADV campaign, especially on television, have led to the unique creation of a brand in which the Ministry of Tourism of Israel has believed a lot and that today fits perfectly into the imagination of the Italian eager to disconnect from reality to spend a carefree long weekend.

Undoubtedly a further challenge was to present Israel as a perfect destination for young people who, thanks to the entry of low cost airlines in the market, through the so-called Open Sky policy, today go to Tel Aviv to spend a long weekend between fun and relaxation and a pinch of culture: all this up to 6 years ago, a type of holiday possible today thanks to the new rotations that have come to life in recent years, from Venice, Bologna, Naples and Catania, as well as from Rome and Milan.

Again, sport and the departure of the Giro d’Italia in 2018, LGBTQ tourism with Tel Aviv again in a successful combination until the award of the QPrize 2019 that chose Tel Aviv as the international capital of LGBTQ tourism.

“My heart remains here in Italy, which has become my second home – concluded Avital Kotzer Adari -. Love for my land is irreplaceable, but Italy has represented an exceptional moment of professional and personal growth. I am proud of the results that I managed to achieve, of the over 190,000 Italians who visited Israel in 2019 and the growth achieved by over 27%. With great satisfaction I managed to make the face of Israel more and more widely known. It was the most important success of my work: having given the opportunity to the Italians to get to know Israel entirely, even in areas that had until recently been ignored, having opened the doors with great passion to new brands that in the coming years can be increasingly developed. Now I am ready for new challenges. I thank all my staff, without whom all these activities and dreams would not have been realized. I am now waiting for all my friends. i in Israel. “


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