Trump after election campaign: “does not want a postponement”


Trump is under pressure three months before the election because of the corona pandemic. With ever new statements, he sows doubts about the security of the vote – then he even plays with the idea of ​​a shift. For this he reaps violent protests.

Washington (dpa) – Was it just a diversion or a serious consideration? US President Donald Trump has stated that he does not want any delay after resisting his move to postpone the election in November.

“I don’t want a postponement,” Trump said on Thursday (local time) at a press conference in the White House when asked a question.

At the same time, he renewed his fear that there could be electoral fraud due to an increase in postal voting. With this in mind, he had previously openly raised the question of a delay in the election on Twitter. Leading congressmen from Trump’s Republicans made this point to emphasize that a federally planned election had never been postponed and would be elected on November 3 as planned.

The hurdles for a postponement of the presidential election are extremely high because the date has been legally stipulated since 1845. A change by the US Congress would be necessary, which could also be challenged in court. In addition, only a few weeks could be won in this way. Because the further schedule is laid down in the constitution and thus even more rigid: the start date for the new congress is on January 3 and the president takes office on January 20.

Because of the corona pandemic, postal voting in the United States could increase and the number could be delayed. Trump considers postal voting to be fraudulent. With this in mind, he wrote on Twitter on Thursday: “Postponing the election until people can vote properly, carefree and safely ???” He later wrote that election results should be available at night, “not days, months, or even years later!” In some states, it is sufficient to send the postal ballot papers on election day.

When asked about Trump’s ambivalent statements, White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said Friday that Trump had already said he didn’t want a postponement and thought November 3 was a good date.

“Never in the history of this country, through wars, depression and civil war, have we ever held a federal election planned on time,” said Trump McCainell Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday (local time) local broadcaster WNKY in its home state of Kentucky. The election will take place on November 3, as planned.

Republican leader Republican Kevin McCarthy said he shares Trump’s concerns that widespread postal voting could cause problems. “But we have never held an election in the history of federal elections,” said McCarthy.

The head of the US House of Representatives, democrat Nancy Pelosi, referred to the US Constitution on Twitter, stating that Congress is responsible for the election date. Former President Barack Obama urged the Americans to vote. “Few elections were as important in many ways as these,” Obama said Thursday at a funeral service for the late civil rights activist and Democratic congressman John Lewis.

Trump had dropped his controversial tweet shortly after announcing historically poor economic data for the second quarter. As a result of the corona crisis, the US economy plunged to an unprecedented extent, as announced on Thursday. The pandemic has robbed Trump of his main argument for reelection: a booming economy. There was already another bad news on Wednesday. Since the start of the corona pandemic, more than 150,000 people in the United States have died from Covid-19.

Democratic Senator Tom Udall wrote on Twitter that the president’s tweet was only intended to distract him from his “incompetence” in the Corona crisis. The fact that Trump is even bringing a shift into play is a serious attack on the democratic process.

The civil rights organization ACLU said: “We are a democracy, not a dictatorship. The Constitution empowers Congress to set an election date, and Congress has set that date for November. Nothing President Trump says, does, or tweets can change that fact. » The historian and presidential expert Michael Beschloss wrote on Twitter that never in the history of the United States – not even in the civil war or in World War II – has there been a successful move to postpone the presidential election.

In polls, Trump is currently significantly behind US Democratic President-elect, Joe Biden. Even if one has to interpret these results with extreme caution due to the complicated electoral system and also three months before the election: Trump is under pressure.

Trump has so far not provided any evidence of his fear of election fraud, but has repeatedly raised concerns. Most election experts believe that postal voting is fundamentally safe – even if changing the voting mode is a major challenge just a few months before the vote due to the pandemic.

The Democrats, in turn, value postal voting as an option because it may result in more of their supporters voting and it would also reduce health risks in the pandemic. The Democrats accuse Trump of using his gritty warnings to justify himself not to recognize the outcome of the November 3 presidential election. In a recent interview, Trump had left open whether he would accept an election defeat.


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