Tryo’s “Hymn of our Campaigns”


November 5, 1995. At the MJC de Fresnes. A group of friends starts a sacred adventure: a music group, which is self-produced, and which by dint of giving concerts, will take off in three years on the French stages.

“We make a cassette, which allows us, as we sell 3,000 of them, to make an album. This album, we make it ourselves, we produce it ourselves, we manage to sell 30,000 albums that we self- And it is at the end of these 30,000 albums, when we absolutely no longer have the cash to produce others, that a record company saying to ourselves’ but what is this incredible group, which arrives at sell 30,000 albums’ “.

Among these songs, a founding hymn, The anthem of our campaigns, which is a hit on stage. Logically, the next step would be to go on the airwaves. But Tryo has set himself the objective “of not making a summer single, that is to say not to be broadcast on the radio and therefore to die and disappear in the process.” “At no time did we say ‘it’s a hit’. It wasn’t even in our language.”

“The values ​​are still there”

In 2005, the song is found precisely programmed on the antennas. And become, by chance of history. Not a summer hit but a re-entry hit. Which further widens the group’s audience.

“You have a song that goes on the radio, people know you, it can fill the rooms. But ultimately, in 25 years, the values ​​are still there. Our writing has been refined, but our way of doing things, the artisanal side, everything has remained fairly intact “.

Released this year in collegiate version, The anthem of our campaigns has lost nothing of its meaning. On the contrary, this post-sixty-eight ecological message has never been so topical.

Beyond the message, The anthem of our campaigns has in any case become a staple of Tryo. Always eagerly awaited by the public during concerts.

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