two passengers on flight to Ibiza refuse to wear a mask, start a fight in the air


Travelers who were on board this flight from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to Ibiza, Spain, did not have a smooth start to their vacation. On Friday July 31, two passengers who had consumed alcohol refused to wear a mask on board the plane, as required by the KLM company in order to fight against the spread of coronavirus. The tone then rose with other travelers, outraged by the lack of civility of these men, before a fight broke out between several people between the rows of seats and other stunned passengers.

Filmed by a passenger, the scene was broadcast by the Dutch channel AT5, and shared among others by the Twitter account of a podcast dedicated to aviation, Sunday.

Quoted by the Belgian press agency Belga, used here by the website of the RTBF, a spokesperson for the airline said that the two passengers were arrested by the Spanish authorities on their arrival in Ibiza for not wearing a mask as well as for the inconvenience caused to other travelers.

Still according to KLM, the safety of (…)

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