Union Minister accuses Green Blockade


After the formal error in the new catalog of fines, many drivers are waiting for a signal: what’s next? Talks between the federal and state governments have been underway for weeks. An agreement was said to be imminent.

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Berlin (dpa) – Union-led countries accuse the Greens of a blockade in solving the legal problems related to new speeding rules.

“If the Greens continue to insist on a legally unsustainable maximum demand, they will block a legally secure solution and do a disservice to traffic safety,” said North Rhine-Westphalian Transport Minister Hendrik Wüst (CDU) on Friday of the German Press Agency. “The best thing would be, we can sort it out quickly at a special transport ministerial conference.” The Federal Ministry of Transport said that a technically good compromise was within reach and had already received broad approval.

Because of a form error: New speeding rules nationwide out of enforcement

The reason for the necessary negotiations is a formal error regarding the catalog of fines in the new road traffic regulations, which came into force at the end of April. After the formal error, stricter rules for driving too fast were put out of operation. The new catalog actually stipulates that driving licenses may be withdrawn for a month if you drive 21 kilometers per hour too quickly in urban areas or 26 kilometers per hour too quickly outside of town. Previously, the limits were in excess of 31 kilometers per hour in town and 41 kilometers per hour outside.

German traffic safety council and police union warn

The question is how big the changes should be. From the perspective of Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU), stricter speeding rules, which the Federal Council had brought into the regulation, are disproportionate.

For example, the German Road Safety Council and the police union had warned against withdrawing the stricter rules for speeders. Disproportionately high speeds are still the number 1 accident risk.

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The negotiator for the green transport ministers, Baden-Württemberg’s transport minister Winfried Hermann, told Spiegel: «The green transport ministers are still upset that the federal transport minister has made a capital mistake and has the chutzpah to take this as an opportunity to enforce his position of tolerance to high-speed drivers and razors. »

The Greens had started negotiations with the aim of correcting only the formal error. The new road traffic regulations basically provide improvements, especially for cyclists.

Scheuer’s compromise proposal

The “Spiegel” reported on a compromise proposal by Scheuer. This provides for the speed limits to be maintained – but to reduce the sanctions. The driver’s license for a month should therefore only be given to those who are flashed too quickly in front of schools and kindergartens at at least 21 kilometers per hour – and not generally in town.

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According to Scheuer’s suggestion, everyone should not be given a one-month driving ban outside the city, which is caught too quickly at over 26 kilometers per hour – but only those who race like this on construction sites on motorways. At the same time, according to the report, the fines should be significantly increased from the originally planned 70 (from 21 km / h) or 80 euros (from 26 km / h).

With regard to the Greens, the Federal Ministry of Transport stated that the integration of all political “colors” in the Federal Council was important to the Ministry in terms of a solution.

ADAC welcomed Scheuer’s compromise proposal

NRW Transport Minister Wüst said the case law is clear. “Even the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Justice has pointed out that speed violations must be persistent and persistent to justify a driver’s license withdrawal, according to case law. That is why a general driver’s license withdrawal is not legally tenable on the first violation. »

To protect cyclists and children, North Rhine-Westphalia proposed the compromise of punishing the first violation of driving license withdrawal in urban areas within 30 km / h in front of schools and kindergartens if the speed limit was exceeded and thus approached the Greens.

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A spokesman for Saarland Minister of Transport Anke Rehlinger (SPD) said that there were further talks and no information about “interim reports”. Rehlinger is currently chair of the Transport Ministers’ Conference.

The ADAC welcomed Scheuer’s compromise proposal. Transport President Gerhard Hillebrand told the dpa: «The complications surrounding the StVO have already severely disrupted the public’s confidence in politics and the authorities. A large project that is important for road safety has stalled for a variety of reasons. » In the talks with the federal states, it will be important that “ideological interests” are put at the bottom and traffic safety aspects come into focus again.

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