up to 100 times more


Children under 5 years old, although they are among the least affected bands by Covid-19, they could have large quantities of viruses in the mucous membranes of the nose, up to 100 times more than in adults. To say it is a small study published by the journal Jama Pediatrics, which suggests that even the youngest ones could be a vehicle of infection. Chicago Children’s Hospital researchers analyzed 145 swabs taken between late March and late April at some drive-through sites and in children arriving at the hospital, of which 46 were on children under 5 years old, 51 between 5 and 17 and 48 in adults between 18 and 65.

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Most of the children had fever or cough, but none of the patients analyzed had severe symptoms. In the group with older children and adults the amount of virus present was more or less similar, the authors explain to the New York Times, while in younger children it was higher, in some cases up to 100 times.

“This shows that children have similar or even virus levels taller than adults – says Taylor Heald-Sargent, the lead author -. I would not be surprised to find that I am able to disperse the virus and pass it on to others. “

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