Up to 37 degrees expected on Saturday


Once again, sweating is the order of the day, and from Sunday temperatures will drop below 30 degrees. The heat says goodbye with sometimes strong thunderstorms.

Offenbach (dpa) – After several days of heat, thunderstorms and a cold front bring cooling to Germany. Before that, the German Weather Service (DWD) expects another hot day, up to 37 degrees are possible on this Saturday.

The maxima would be expected in Bavaria, 33 degrees had already been reached here in the morning. But it won’t be as hot as on Friday, said DWD meteorologist Lars Kirchhübel. On Friday afternoon, the highest value of the year so far was measured in Rheinfelden, southern Baden, at 38.5 degrees Celsius.

This Saturday a band of showers and thunderstorms crosses Germany from west to east. From Lower Saxony to the Alps local storms with up to 40 liters of rain per square meter and hail are possible. The greatest risk of storms is expected in the direction of the Alps, and this applies to central Germany at night. It can rain up to 50 liters per square meter, said the DWD.

In addition, a cold front is moving from the North Sea to Germany, which is expected at night – further, sometimes severe thunderstorms can result. The east and the southeast will also be affected on Sunday. Continuous rain is possible in the southeast. Sunday is also volatile in the north. The temperatures rise to 22 to 28 degrees, with longer rain and at the sea they are only around 20 degrees.

At the beginning of the new week, it is forecast to continue raining in the south and southeast, otherwise it will remain largely dry. It does not get warmer than 20 to 25 degrees, with constant rain the temperature is even below the 20 degree limit.

“It is only from Wednesday that the Azores high will be able to completely occupy the country from the west and provide it with a lot of sun,” explained Kirchhübel. On Thursday, more than 30 degrees are again possible in the southwest. “Midsummer is only a short time to return with full power and maybe also sustainably,” said the meteorologist.


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