vacation in a luxurious thatched cottage


The celebrities enjoy summer to the fullest and although a straw house does not sound like the best plan, when you see the paradise in which Vicky Martín Berrocal is located, you are going to change your mind.

The ex from El Cordobés and her daughter Alba Díaz are enjoying the hot months in Portugal. Vicky Martín Berrocal has moved to Lisbon to start a new life there with her partner, Joao Viegas Soares.

However, far from the turmoil of the tourist and live Lisbon there is a place called Comporta that is a true paradise and, near there, a village of 1,200 inhabitants and a beach of 60 kilometers that costs in high season 700 euros per night (and person) and in low season 350 euros.

Vicky has not uploaded a photo to Instagram from this magical place, perhaps he wants to avoid that everyone knows him and is filled with people but, unfortunately, few are those who can pay that money per night, the truth.

Alba, on the other hand, has uploaded several photos but without labeling the place although, doing a little online research it is easy to discover that they are the spectacular “Casas Na Areia”. They are thatched houses with soil from the same sand as the beach with a minimalist design and in a dream environment.

White is the predominant color and contact with nature is inevitable since, except for the room where the bed is, all the others are really extensions of the beach.

The exclusive complex has a swimming pool and aims to merge the rural air of the area with the most exclusive and modern luxury. The simplicity and the placement of the four houses that make up the place are curious given that, instead of being all grouped together, one of the straw houses is the kitchen, another the bathroom, another the dining room and another the room, totally independent from each other.

Vicky and Manuel’s daughter poses topless in the pool and rests in a bikini on a white sofa. The truth is that the place is fantastic but, in high season, the minimum nights to reserve are a whole week and at € 700 per person per night it is really expensive. The minimum that Vicky and Alba have spent there is, therefore, € 4,900 for accommodation only, but then parking, cleaning and breakfast come in.

In addition, Alba and Vicky have received visits from friends and family as shared by the designer on her Instagram and on the website of the houses in the sand it is specified that they are € 50 more for each extra person so I do not even want to imagine why How much the weekly holiday has come out, yes, they can, enjoy it!

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